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Yet another WordPress website –

Quite a long time ago I fell in love with my home town anew. The feeling could be summarized in the following picture
After taking the photo I thought of creating a website for people wanting to visit the city – to create a pragmatic tour guide and let people share their experiences. At that time I didn’t know of the existence of wordpress, and I suppose, it wasn’t as stable or usable as it is today. I’ve registered it on July 18, 2006, and made a simple static page, which I’ve mirrored in today’s update. It has remained unchanged since.

I’ll give it a new life and let google and spam bots run over it. Let’s see where the road leads. As usual, feel free to register and post your experiences. I have some ideas, for example, to explain the current foreigner registration procedure, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write it up.

Until then:

My Fourth WordPress Site

It’s a great feeling finding a technology one can be comfortable with and enjoy using it. WordPress has shown itself from its best sides. I nearly never had to edit a php file, with most tasks accomplished using a range of plugins. Even moving from a development server to a new one using the Duplicator plugin worked almost out of the box: the security features I have set up did not work well with that, and some manual work was required. With that said and done, please welcome the new WordPress self-hosted website: screenshot

I cannot claim now to have designed it, since we’ve used the Oxygen theme, and Corina is managing the content, as well as the design, as far as the customization options allow.

However, some product photos are still made by me, as well as the cover photo:

Alina photographed by DLed

The other websites I have created:

No need to switch to Drupal, Joomla or anything else in the nearest future. Perhaps, my next website will be a WordPress website again.

lua + pugixml via LuaBridge

Started working on a binding of pugixml for lua:

pugixml supports utf-8, so, using icu4lua one could, in principle, have a nice lua-style processing of XML files. The interface is right now kept almost one-to-one to the original. It shows, at least for me, how easy it is to make bindings to C++ using LuaBridge and how easy the usage of pugixml is.